5 Steps to Staying Healthy & Happy at Work

We spend almost 2/3 of our adult lives working; and for the majority of us, working is important in terms of self-development and happiness. Let’s face it, the majority of times we’d just stay curled p on the couch watching Netflix if we didn’t have to work for a living.

And throughout this large portion of our lives the majority of us are usually rushing to get things done: hectic schedules and short timelines are nothing new in our fast-paced world. And that’s exactly why it’s very important to give yourself a well-deserved break and indulge in some R&R every once in a while. This is not only important for our body – yes, if we’re exhausted and can’t seem to give ourselves a break we are that much more susceptible to colds, flu and other nasty stuff – it’s also good for our minds as well. We all know that a rested mind can do double the work in less time and we also know how it feels to manage to get through an exceptionally long week and still have thinking capacity.

And aside from taking time to chill outside of work, we can also make our experiences at work more pleasurable: after all it’s all about motivating ourselves to get work done, right? As mentioned, we spend a ton of time working so, making sure we’re happy and healthy while we’re doing it is essential to our overall well-being.

So, how can we start to take care of ourselves just a little bit better while we’re at work? Take a look in the tips below…

Personalize. Creating a work space you can’t wait to get back to is a surefire way to jump-start your morning. Take some time and decorate your working space with meaningful things: photos of loved ones, inspiration boards, motivational quotes, fresh flowers or anything else that brightens your day! Don’t underestimate the power of your uniqueness and how it can help you be more productive.

Move. For many of us desk-bound people moving around several times a day is extremely important and can really be the difference to work health & happiness. It doesn’t have to be hard too: how much time will it take you to do 10 squats in the middle of that long conference call, really? Walking as much as you possibly can can help too: if you drive to work, try to park farther from the entrance (it’s less crowded anyway), take the stairs or simply take a smaller water bottle, and make it a point to refill often (bonus win you load up on H2O as well!)

Know when you need to say no. A lot of work-related stress is caused by the simple fact that we cannot say no. Try to prioritize your tasks every day and be mindful that there are only 8 hours in a work-day. You can’t do it all. Sure, it’s nice to help out with a task or two but be careful to not stretch yourself beyond limits: this will cause you more unnecessary stress and decrease your productivity.

Rest. No matter if you’re an employee or you are your own boss, make sure to take time off. I cannot stress the importance of this one: your brain needs real time to rest and recover from daily stress and tasks. If you have a certain amount of paid leave per year, make it a point to take some days every 1-2 months. Sometimes we’re so caught up in work we don’t really feel the pressure until it blows up in our face; be smart, don’t wait until you get there.

Learn. Don’t forget to take time to develop yourself. If you find your work motivating (and i really hope you do!) make a standing hold on your calendar for researching new aspects of it. That way you’ll not only increase your knowledge and get better at what you do, but you will start to be seen as an expert which eventually leads to career advancements as well. Another win-win on your way to becoming a work-ninja!

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