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Hi there reader!

How are you doing these days? Thank you for stopping by. I’m Dez and I guess I should say something more about me, right? Well, I’m pretty much your average working girl and I live in Europe with my boyfriend and my cat. This little blog popped up as an idea in my head some time ago to share some of the buzzing thoughts in my head with someone. Luckily (or not, it depends, I guess) that someone is none other than YOU. I decided to call this blog “Life cues” since the cue is widely referred to as a signal to start doing something. And what better motivator to move and change than the funny situations life throws our way?  In this little space you will likely come across some of my thoughts on this peculiar thing we call life as well as some random things I came across and decided they were effing awesome so I put them up and, of course, a ton of advice I thought might be useful to somebody young and open to living life to the fullest. Within many posts you’ll also get to meet (and download) some totally free cheat-sheets and printable advice, no strings attached: yep, I won’t ask you for your email address or your bank account at any time 😉 The goal of this little space after all is to be USEFUL, not intrusive.

But aside from all this, remember, this blog is about communication and everything on it is written form me to YOU so any feedback is always welcome (especially if it comes in the form of ice cream or fluffy kittens) . If you think it’s great – tell me, if you have an opinion on it – let me know, if you’re having a bad hair day – let’s talk about it! I want to share my stories but I also want to know yours, so don’t hesitate to speak up whenever you feel like it. And don’t forget to smile!

Happy reading!


~ Dez


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