New Year, Improved You

Another year has rolled by and once again it’s the time when we’re digging into all that’s happened and all that’s going to make our resolutions list once again. And though we’ve already talked about resolutions and what might be even better to occupy your mind with in the remaining few hours of 2017, today I wanted to take some time and focus on what we don’t want to take with us into the next year.

We, people, are usually very good at knowing what we don’t like and we pretty much suck at knowing what we do like. I think it comes with the being-human package every time. So, I thought, hey, why not use this to our advantage instead of beating ourselves up about it? And thus came the idea of making a to-not-do list for next year instead of spinning in the endless circle of convincing myself that I will finally give up junk food.

Instead of promising yourself how you’ll do better next year by adding something, why not try removing the unnecessary instead? Let’s think about what has held us all back this year: and I know there’s a lot to think about there! As you’re reminiscing on all the situations that cling to your mind, discover the behaviors and ideas that held you back. Maybe it was lack of motivation. Or maybe you wanted to travel but skipped the step of saving enough money for it. Or you traveled a bunch and, as a result, you have no savings (guilty!). In a way, instead of buying a totally new house, just try taking out all the trash from the current one.

Think about what would best be left behind in 2017 so with the start of the new year you can shed off everything unnecessary. The plus side of this approach is that not only will you not intimidate yourself with the pressure of having to cultivate new habits, but you’ll also simplify your life immensely by tapping into something you already know quite well: what you don’t want. Don’t focus on doing more, focus on doing less. And we all know that the mere idea of doing less brings a sigh of relief in all of us.

Enjoy the holidays and indulge in everything you want to say goodbye to in a few short hours. Cherish the past year for all the lessons it taught you and welcome the new one knowing that you will step into it, being just a bit better than you were last time: that’s already an accomplishment!

Here’s to the beginning of a new adventure!



~ Dez

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