Why Your Mindset is The Most Important Thing for Your Success

These days there’s plenty of articles everywhere on how to be successful. I like to think that’s because success is one of the things that are valued the most in our society: because success means that you made it (whatever it is), that you’ve put in some work and patience and now all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s the end goal that we are taught to strive for.

And even though there’s plenty of material out there that talks about what you need to do to be successful, this success is not really a one way street. You can’t just take the life of a successful person, pluck it apart and expect to randomly come across the stuff of success somewhere in there. Success is a choice and a commitment, not so much the end goal. And, for the most part, it’s totally subjective, too: what I consider a success might very well be just a drop in the ocean for you or the next person. And, let’s face it: most of us just don’t want to bother defining what success means for us and so, we feel like it’s something that’s just beyond our reach.

Because for me, one of the most important pillars of success is the mindset that’s armed and aimed for it. It’s impossible to hunt success down if you’re not sure what it looks like for you and how much of your time you’re willing to put into chasing it. And you certainly cannot achieve it unless you’re brain is wired for it. I believe that what most of us miss out on is the small stuff, the everyday mechanics of our brains and attitudes that can make or break our success; we just don’t realize how much negativity and doubt affect us, how we’re basically shutting the door to success in our own faces because a negative mind will never get us to the place we want to be. (Assuming we know what that is…) So, in order to have some chance at being successful we have to stand up and fight the toughest battle of all: the one in our own heads.

  • You create your life. Stop thinking that life just happens and all you can do is react. You are a modern person who has the potential to create his own life and the choice whether to do it or not. If you feel like you’ve been making the wrong choice until now, you can always change it.
  • What you dare to dream of, you achieve. Stop being afraid that your dreams are “too big”. There’s no such thing! And I’m pretty sure anyone who’s ever done something in their life has been told at some point that they suck and nothing will ever become of them. Life is about being and bold and brave as you can; even if you can’t right now – you fake it till you make it, right?
  • Be positive towards success. Don’t spend your time hating or envying people who are rich, famous or successful. That kind of behavior usually just means you have a small mind. And I know you don’t. Instead, try to send good vibes of respect and support to the successful people around you: know that it’s your mindset that will eventually determine if you do or don’t get where they’re at one day. Or maybe even surpass them…
  • You are bigger than your problems. Don’t spend your time worrying and feeling like there’s always something in your way. Chances are that, even if there really is some problem in front of you, you’re way bigger than it anyway! We like to think sometimes that our problems are huge because that’s easier than realizing that we have what it takes to break them. Again, it’s just a matter of choice.

So what do you choose today?



~ Dez

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12 thoughts on “Why Your Mindset is The Most Important Thing for Your Success

  1. Dez, I love how you talk about us missing the small stuff. So important. And then for me tip number 2 is something is part of my mantra to myself and those I work with. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Norine, thank you, and thanks for stopping by!! Missing the small stuff is really an important step I was missing for a while… Glad you can relate!

  2. I agree on the things you said. First, success is a choice. It is a commitment to become better and reach our highest potential. Yes, the mindset is important to achieve success. A positive attitude and a focused mind are essential to reach our goals in life. Great post!

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