The Importance of a Clutter-Free Mind

There’s so much fuss lately about living a clutter-free life: buying less, making more, frugal living and so on. And in the midst of all this clearing up of living space, you’ve got to notice that there isn’t nearly as much information about de-cluttering the one thing that is always with us and affects what we do the most: our minds.

Why I believe that a clutter-free mind is the best thing you can ever focus on creating? Because the focus and determination that we so often talk about (in this blog as well) are very often clouded by the billion flashing thoughts that run through our minds every millisecond. Our efforts to live a certain way and/or achieve certain goals require attention and clear sight; and the reason that we fail is often connected with being overwhelmed by all the noise around us. This noise affects us more than we know: we actually tend to memorize more than we think and absorb a lot of pointless chatter that’s not really meaningful to us, and then our brains spend extra time and effort on this meaningless stuff instead of being focused on what really matters.

De-cluttering our minds requires time and patience. As with all else, the first step towards this is noticing what is thrown at us every day that just doesn’t matter. When you have a clear goal to keep things simple and not delve into useless information, like gossip people columns or the many articles we scroll by in our Facebook newsfeed regarding what that model wore on her last night out. Make it a point to focus on things that matter: take time with whatever it is that inspires you, focus on being productive and good at what you do (no matter what that is). Focus on being you and knowing yourself.

Be very particular about what you let into your mind. Ask yourself: is it helpful? Is it positive and uplifting? Is it connected to what really matters to me? If the answer is no, just get rid of it, stat. Life is way too short to trouble your mind with meaningless clutter. There is only so much space of our minds that we have conscious access to. Ask yourself: what do I want to do with that space? If all you had was 1 single drawer to put all your stuff into, what would you keep and what would you discard right away? Think of your mind as this drawer and be conscious of what you place there. Leaving only the important stuff in will actually give us not only focus, but also more room for the simple little joys in life that we so often forget about.

What we think about controls what we do and what happens to us. Mind keeping it simple in your mind in particular: the same will sooner or later spill into the rest of your life.


~ Dez



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