Calming Your Anxious Mind in 3 Easy Steps

In today’s world emotions are everything: it’s a natural instinct to judge things by the way they make us feel. Sometimes though, the fast-paced times we live in exhaust our capacity to respond to and recuperate from the endless onslaught of emotions.

I read somewhere recently that a calm mind is our best defense against the chaos of modern living. I loved those words for their simplicity and matter-of-fact style. But even though the thought of a calm mind is a nice thing to have, calm as a state is not that easy to achieve… Yes, there will always be someone spilling coffee all over you or failing to make an important deadline or getting caught in traffic on your way to work every day. Things just happen every day and the pressures of rushing and pushing every day add up. Anxiety is a natural result of this frantic daily routine and it seems that more and more people admit to having trouble calming themselves down in an especially intimidating surrounding.

Of course, anxiety in it’s medical causes isn’t a topic for this blog but, the purely human and straight-forward way of reacting of a pissed off person is. Though sometimes our brains tend to overload there are still limitations to what we can express to the outside world without having to spend the night at the police station. But how do we manage to keep to these limits? Below are three ways I’ve found help a lot when dealing with a stressful situation when you’re already stressed to begin with. They revolve around taking time to maintain a healthy lifestyle and taking a mental break every now and then. You’re not superhuman, none of us are and all we can do is try, right? And we can start by…

De-centering. I have said it before and I will say it again: being able to take a mental step back and assess your surroundings is key! It’s our natural state to be submerged in our own thoughts and emotions that sometimes we take things more personally than we have to. So, when you feel that wave of anxiety rushing over you, just stop and breathe, maybe even physically walk out and clear your head before you explode.

Starting your day earlier. I’ve found that a lot of times people get anxious because there is so much to do and there is so little time. For me, personally, starting my day just 10 minutes earlier has proven a great way to have a few sips of coffee in peace, stare out into the sunny morning for a moment and plan my day. Starting your day with a crazy rush can set the wrong tone altogether so try to give yourself a bit of time. And keep in mind that the chores will never be completely done: go easy on yourself!

Living healthy(er). It’s proven that some foods can boost aggressive responses: think overdosing on coffee, sweets and junk food. Try your best to eat reasonably healthy and to have varying, nourishing meals that will give you energy without fussiness. And drink plenty of fluids: when you’ve had an especially tough day, consider a nice warm cup of chamomile or mint tea to get you prepped for some good z’s. Scientists also say that a moderate 20-30 min physical activity in a day can boost your happy a lot so don’t neglect it: it’s less than 1% of your day but it can be amazingly soothing for your anxious mind!


~ Dez






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