How to Boost Our Memory Daily

We live in a world of never-ending information flow: you can literally find an answer to any question these days. Of course, not all this endless sea of facts is useful to us so we do our best to filter out the things we don’t need. But what happens to the stuff we do need?

If you’re like me, you spend your days trying to remember/not to forget lots of stuff: chores, your password, your keys, anything at all about that new course you signed up for… We all have a ton of things to remember and, frankly, our capacity to store and utilize all those facts is not endless. In these situations I always try my best to write down everything important I need to get done before I get smashed by the next wave of things to do and totally forget it. I usually have my phone with me to write short notes on but, of course, there are so many other options for those that prefer the more traditional planners (like this one, which is awesome AND free!)

Of course having your memory in check is also an important thing in our days, especially as we get older (& hopefully wiser). Our memory tends to get weaker as we age and it gets harder to learn new things. Lucky for s though, our memory is “a muscle” as well. And, naturally, there are some very quick and easy ways to train this muscle frequently so we can keep it functioning at its best for longer. We can do this every day and it really doesn’t take much effort or that much time: we just have to make it a priority! We can start by…

Fueling properly. Giving your body what it needs to be physically able to process information and stay on top of daily hassles is an important step towards retaining memory. Eating mindfully and enjoying products like fish, nuts and dark chocolate (as if we needed another excuse!) frequently will help get us the necessary fuel to make sure those tiny neurons that actually keep things going in those heads of ours are happy and healthy. Because let’s face it: nobody wants to work when they’re hungry.

Learning, learning, learning. It’s proven that people who do crossword puzzles daily retain their ability to store and easily access information for a considerably long time in life. This goes to show you that any exercise is beneficial: even the intellectual ones. Whether we choose to develop ourselves with a new course or do sudoku puzzles in our spare time, the best thing to do to keep our memory working with us and not against us, is practice. Don’t let yourself forget learning as a process: there is so much to learn and it’s mostly easy to access nowadays, we really have no excuse to ever stop!

Mind mapping. This is an awesome way of organizing information that I use very often. It consists of grouping knowledge bits around a general principle and then drawing a picture that makes logical connections between the parts of the whole. You can make this diagram as one-leveled or in-depth as it needs to be: think of it as a tree that has main branches springing from the trunk, then smaller ones, then smaller yet, etc. This strategy will help you remember not only the facts/parts themselves but also the logical links between them (because your brain is already aimed at making logical connections) more easily.


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  1. Love this article – it is so insightful. Love the nuts and dark chocolate idea. I must give that a try! Mindmapping is another good one to remember. Thanks for this!

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