5 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Better Today

As we all know too well, our surroundings have a big effect on us and, sometimes, our experiences and emotions can leave us pretty exhausted. Whether it’s stress at work or not finding the time to do what you really want to, we all feel down and just really need a break sometimes.

It’s very important in moments like this to know how to take care of yourself. Yep, there are tons of luxurious (or not so much) places and activities to help you wind down after a stressful week: hotels, spa, chocolate cake, massages¬† and what not but, if you think about it, that’s really things on the outside that people veer towards when they need some me-time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a day at the nearby pool & spa as much as the next person, what I’m saying is that some of these things can sometimes make us think that it’s up to other people to help us get better.

And the reality is that we need to know how to take care of ourselves before we indulge in heavenly services, kindly handed to us by others. Knowing how to make yourself better is really helpful because, let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or the money or the patience to deal with people. Sometimes, it’s just all about us, and that’s perfectly fine.

These are the moments when you need to know yourself enough to be able to determine what you need right now and how to provide it for yourself. We all have our own, personal means of unwinding and it’s important to know what these are for you and take time with them as often as you need to. Below are some ideas on how you can get in touch with yourself and give yourself a little release. The key element here is to enjoy what makes you feel good, every day if you have to: there doesn’t have to be a particular reason either, some time dedicated to you should not be an exception and you don’t have to wait to tip of the edge to allow yourself some healing. Remember that.

  • Create an inspirational corner: this can be any space where you feel relaxed and safe. Find it and then fill it up with anything that speaks to you: books, fluffy pillows, favorite movies and treats, and don’t forget to use it often!
  • Learn from others: whether it’s from people who inspire you or from your friend’s last breakup, everything can be a learning experience. And allowing yourself some time in peace to think about what surrounds you and how you can learn and grow from it will always make you feel one step ahead of where you used to be yesterday.
  • Focus on what’s to come: planning is an awesome thing! It ignites creativity and pushes you into your dream reality. And it’s also very therapeutic. Especially if you have a tendency to dwell on the past more than you should (ah, don’t we all!), this can be a wonderful means to regain your focus on what you can do now + in the future to make yourself better.
  • Establish a relaxing/empowering weekly routine: set aside some time every week to do something you find charging. This can be evaluating your next week ahead of time or appreciating everything you’ve accomplished or just having a glass of wine and some good conversation with good company.
  • Unplug: we all spend so much time on social media these days that sometimes we don’t fully understand how much all that chatter drains us. While interacting with friends is always lovely, all the information and opinions we’re exposed to every minute of every day can get a bit overwhelming. Make sure you take a no-tech day every once in a while and go for a walk or read a new book to help you unplug from reality for a bit.


What are your favorite recreational indulges? Let me know in the comments below about what you love!



~ Dez

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